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Since 2006, Wix has set out to revolutionize the web design industry. While do-it-yourself website building services had already been around for years, the quality of the design and functionality these services offered was strikingly lower than the more expensive sites built by professional web design companies. Website owners very often had to choose between price and quality. Wix was able to change all that with the launch of their do-it-yourself sitebuilder. Site owners are now able to build stunning, professional looking websites on their own, without needing any technical or design skills. These websites are comparable in design and functionality with most professionally built websites. The main difference is the price. Wix users can build a beautiful website for free, or upgrade to a package that offers extra features for just a few dollars a month. While Wix is an obvious choice for millions of users, there are many that still choose to build their sites with the help of professional web designers or by using other DIY sitebuilder services. Though some website owners prefer to use the DIY website builders that come with their web hosting plan, this is not recommended for larger websites. We suggest you choose a host based on the reliability and customer support they offer as reported in online reviews of web hosting services, rather than choosing it based their sitebuilder. The  exception is Wix, which is a platform created specifically for small websites that need very little server resources but need to look very professional. This site was created to provide Wix reviews and detailed information to help you decide if Wix is right for you.





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Main Benefits of Using Wix

There are numerous benefits to using Wix for building a personal or small business website. Here are some of the key points that distinguish Wix from its competition. Wix offers one of the easiest sign up processes out there, allowing you to build, design and get your site online in matter of minutes. The sites are build on a technology platform that's SEO friendly, helping you rank on search engines and receive free traffic once your site goes live. While most websites which include a list of features like those offered by Wix must be custom built by expert web developers, building a Wix site requires no technical knowledge whatsoever. In addition, Wix offers premium features so that as your website traffic grows, you can choose to upgrade your website with new features.

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Wix Website Builder – Main Features

When looking at which service to use for building your website, it's clear that one of the most important factors when making your decision is what features are provided. As is highllighted by both webmasters and regular users on Wix reviews across the the Web, Wix offers many features that will help you engage your visitors and promote the website. Most likely, you will only need a handful of features for your site. Still it's good to know that should you decide to add new features, they will be available to you, and in most cases at no extra cost. Below are listed some of the main features offer by Wix:

  • 100's of Customizable Design Templates
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Drag n' Drop Website Builder
  • Google Analytics
  • Free Setup
  • Online Shopping Cart
  • Social Sharing Buttons
  • Contact Forms
  • Video Player for Youtube Videos
  • Image and Video Galleries
  • Google Maps
  • Google Calendar

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