Deciding Between DIY Sitebuilders and Professional Web Design

If you're a DIYer to the core, then the question might not even be worth asking. There is, however, more than meets the eye when considering whether to craft your own website or hire a professional web developer. How much time do you have? What kind of website do you want? What is your budget? Do you even have a budget?


Top Reasons to Use Wix Sitebuilder

You're ready to dive into building your website, but the options of how to get started are endless. Do you use a website builder or start the daunting task of finding a web developer? For most, finding the budget to pay a professional web developer to build and maintain a website is out of the question, and when it comes to website builders, there are dozens out there that require a certain level of expertise and a trained web professional to take the reins.

Luckily, there is one website builder out there that gives you the look of a professional, one-of-a-kind website without breaking the bank or demanding an advanced degree in web development: Wix.


Technically Challenged? Drag ā€˜nā€™ Drop Your Way to the Web

If you're just starting out in the world of website building, chances are you don't have mad coding skills or tons of money to throw at a web developer to design and maintain your website. You're in luck, however, because there are dozens of DIY website builders available today that make building a beautiful website a fun and easy task.


Sitebuilder Comparison: Wix vs. Weebly

Picking a website builder can be a tough task, especially when so many of the website builders look like they're offering the same features for the same price. Wix and Weebly, two of the most popular and free easy-to-use drag 'n' drop website building platforms, might look alike, but subtle differences in the two could make or break your website design.


Is Wix Website Builder Right for You?

When it comes to website builders, many claim to be user friendly but inevitably require a certain amount of technical savvy to even get started. Luckily, there is Wix, which has been hailed as a simple website builder that allows you to build websites through drag 'n' drop tools without any need for coding experience. With more than 35 million registered users and 1.3 million joining every month, the Wix crowd is on to something.

But how do you know if Wix is right for you?