Comparison of Website Builders Provided by Top Hosts vs Wix

It is no secret that one of the main factors of starting a website is the website building experience. Many people tend to focus on which host is best for them, what features are provided, or what type of customer support and reliability are offered. However, the website building experience that comes along with a hosting package is often overlooked. In fact, a number of web hosts do not even provide a website builder for their customers. This can be a costly mistake, as a significant amount of people looking to build a website have little to no experience with coding. If no website builder is offered and you don’t know the first thing about how to build a site, you will likely have to outsource to a professional website building service that can costs thousands of dollars. Likewise, even if one is provided, it could be of poor quality.

Fortunately, some of the top hosts in the industry have invested a sizable amount of resources into providing high quality website builders for their customers. Additionally, free website building services have popped up, which aim to provide users who have little to no site building familiarity with remarkable usability (although many free services can be deceiving and useless). Needless to say, all of this can be confusing. Currently, while there are a limited number of high quality easy to use website builders, quite a few still stick out. How do you differentiate between these top site builders? In our experience, the hosts or free services with the best website builders are FatCow, JustHost and Wix. Each one of these services offers the ever popular ‘Drag & Drop’ website builder. We have compared and analyzed each one below:

FatCow: this top ranked web host offers their customer base a wide variety of website building options. If you have little to no background, don’t worry. FatCow offers the free Drag & Drop website builder. This nifty tool allows you to have a site up and running within a matter of minutes. Integrating your CMS, such as WordPress, is a simple one step procedure. If you are looking for more heavy duty site building, FatCow also enables you to download professional software such as DreamWeaver. Additionally, FatCow is one of the only hosts that allows you to use software called ‘goMobi,’ which is a mobile site builder. Lastly, you can browse through hundreds of professional looking templates for your site. From the inexperienced to the IT professional, anyone can build any type of website through FatCow. Note that you will need to pay for a basic hosting package in order to build a wesite.

JustHost: in addition to the Drag & Drop site builder and the one click installations for CMS, templates and other applications, JustHost also caters to more technically savvy programmers (albeit not as much as FatCow). They offer an array of customizations, such as tailoring your error pages that help tweak your site. JustHost really sticks out though by offering up to 1,000 templates to choose from. Furthermore, just like FatCow, you will need to pay for a hosting service in order to create your site.

Wix: Wix’s main selling point is their website builder. After all, that is where they started off. Since then, they offer web hosting services and all in one packages like all other providers. That said, they still predominantly focus on the website building experience. Wix does not offer hundreds of templates for their user base, but rather only a few dozen. However, the difference here is that many top hosts provide generic templates whereas the templates that Wix offers are unique and sleeker, and are probably the most professional looking ones in the industry. They also employ the use of the Drag & Drop site builder making for an easy to use experience. With Wix, you can also have a site up and running within just a few short minutes. Nevertheless, the one down side to Wix is that your domain name will have ‘.wix’ in the domain. If you are looking to create a name brand website, Wix may not be your choice simply because of the ‘.wix’ extension. However, Wix is a 100% free service (unlike FatCow and JustHost). If you are looking to create a small blog or a site that is viewed as a hobby, Wix is your choice.

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