Do Wix Websites Have Good SEO Rankings?

There's no denying it: Having a website that is set up for SEO success is a necessity if you want to outdo your competition on the web. If you are getting started with Wix's website builder, you're probably wondering how, if at all, Wix websites measure up in the world of SEO.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of boosting the visibility of your website in search engine results. Basically, SEO takes the content on your website more legible and attractive to search engines so they not only find you but rank your site higher than millions of other websites for relevant search queries.

Whether in response to SEO woes or a new web age, DIY website builder Wix shifted its emphasis on flash-based websites to the more SEO-friendly HTML5-based template over the past few years. Not only are HTML5-based websites more SEO friendly, but they also are more compatible with Apple's iPad and iPhone devices.

However, Wix still does have flash-based templates, which are infamously elusive when it comes to search-engine rankings. Flash-based templates feature movie-like files, which search engine crawlers can't, well, crawl. When it comes to Wix's more than 280 HTML-based websites, crawlers have an easy time scrambling through your code to find the kind of information needed to give your website a proper ranking.

Wix has the option to create a mobile site, which is highly recommend, as Google announced that it would be punishing websites in search rankings that are not mobile friendly. Wix also allows you to customize all of the basic SEO functions like descriptions, titles, and keywords for each web page like any other website builder.

With all of these tools and features, how does Wix rank in the world of SEO?

As a platform for managing your website design and content, it's great. But unlike some of the more sophisticate content management systems, with Wix you'll be on your own to take care of heading tags, title tags, cross-linking, and outbound links. Most DIY website builders have the same limitations, and do not automate the creation of SEO tags. But, with a little SEO education, you can do this yourself, and will most likely do a better job than any of the automated plug-ins used by other site builder platforms.

It's hard to say if sites build with Wix actually rank better in than sites built with other services. It's the type of thing that very difficult to compare, especially since when it comes to SEO, ultimately content is king. As a platform, Wix places you on equal SEO footing with most other website builders. The rest of the battle, creating good content and generating online buzz, is all in your hands.