Wix Website Builder Review

Overview of Wix

Founded in 2006, Wix Website Builder is a great resource for building professional-grade websites without any coding experience required. It's easy to follow instructions and drag and drop editing features come naturally to anyone with basic computer skills. Wix's ease of use with graphics and photos make it a natural go-to choice for artistic, small business, personal and e-commerce websites. With Wix, you can build an impressive website for free, with premium options offered for relatively low costs.



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Pricing and Features

Wix is unique in that it offers four individualized upgraded pricing packages, in addition to its base free service. Many other code-free website building companies offer only one or two options, so Wix stands out by providing more options to choose from.

Main Features of Wix include:

  • Free hosting
  • Free Google analytics
  • SEO friendly features
  • 500 MB storage free
  • 500 MB bandwidth free

Only website template builder which uses HTML5; an enhanced coding. But don't worry; Wix is doing the coding-not you!
Complete web-presence, not limited to standard websites. Wix can be used to create mobile sites and Facebook pages as well.
Hundreds of free templates to choose from
Unlimited free pages on your site

The Basic free option includes free web hosting, Google analytics and 500 MB of storage combined with 500 MB of bandwidth. This option is great for creating a web presence if you're on a tight budget or no budget at all. The downside is that your site will display Wix ads and your domain name will be in the following format:
Http://User-Name.wix.com.Your-Website-Name. It's quite lengthy and cumbersome for a website address, so it only makes sense to use this plan if do not intend to build a brand.

Premium Plans: All four premium plans contain the basics included in the free option. Listed below are their unique specifications:

  1. Connect Domain Plan: For $5.95 monthly you can link your privately owned domain name with your Wix website. In addition, your bandwidth is increased to 1GB, double the monthly allotment in the basic free option. But bear in mind, your site will still display Wix brand ads.

  2. Combo Plan: Ideal for personal use. For a reasonable $10.95 monthly you receive 3 GB of storage and 2 GB of bandwidth. In addition, you can add your own favicon; your own logo that will appear on the tab of your website when it is opened in a browser. And like the connect domain option; you can use your own website name. Another great perk of this package is bidding farewell to Wix brand ads, they will not appear on your site.

  3. Unlimited Plan: A favorite of business owners and entrepreneurs. For $15.95 monthly, your storage jumps to a whopping 10 GB and your bandwidth allowance is unlimited. Great for sites experiencing heavy traffic and many downloads. And like the combo plan, you can add your own favicon, use your own domain name and have no Wix ads anywhere on the site.

  4. E-commerce Plan: Ideal for small businesses. For $19.90 monthly the main perks of this option over the other packages are the addition of a shopping cart and a staggering 20 GB of storage. You also receive 20 GB of bandwidth, more than enough for most ecommerce sites.

As an added bonus, Wix is currently offering $125 worth of free vouchers towards Google and Facebook ads for those that sign up for a yearly plan, as opposed to monthly. Aside from the added bonus, users signing up for yearly plans are looking at savings between 31-45% off of the monthly fees listed above.                                                                            

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Template Designs

Wix offers hundreds of beautifully designed website templates to choose from. Each one is unique, creative and professional looking. With minimal tweaks, it will be hard to decipher that your website was designed by an amateur "do-it-yourselfer" as opposed to a professional web-designer.
Below are some sample templates offered by Wix:

editor2   editor3
editor4   editor5
editor6   editor7

                                                                                                                                        visit-wix- button

Ease of Use

All we can say is...WOW! If you have any experience using drag and drop software, you'll be able to build a site in less than 5 minutes. If you're new to this, after 20-30 minutes or so of playing around with the dashboard and watching Wix's video tutorial, you'll have all the tools you need to build a professional looking website. The service is designed on way that allows you to create a simple website effortlessly, or spend hours perfecting every page and every feature to get it "just right."

After clicking on the START NOW button we were led to a straightforward list of categories and subcategories to choose from. We chose Photographer, with subcategory Pro Photographer. In this subcategory alone there were 35 beautiful website templates to choose from.

We opted for the option displayed below, titled: Photographer Coming Soon.

After pressing on the EDIT button, we were lead to the actual template, so that we can customize it to our specifications. A Help Center pop-up appeared and we opted to click on Wix support center.

Once that was done, we were led to a help page, where we discovered Wix's ten minute video tutorial for navigating around Wix. The tutorial itself was extremely helpful. We highly recommend watching the tutorial before attempting any work on your new Wix site. After the tutorial education, we were empowered enough to begin actual site design and edits.

On the left-hand side of any site that you are creating there will always be five standard tabs:


  • PAGES: Allows you to manage and navigate your pages, moving seamlessly from one page to the next.
  • DESIGN: Customize your fonts, backgrounds and colors
  • ADD: For enhancing your site with elements of your choice. Such as text, image, media, social, etc.
  • SETTINGS: Manage the settings of your site like site address, mobile view and SEO.
  • APP MARKET: Offering a dazzling array of apps to enhance your site. Some apps are free and some involve a premium paid upgrade.

Across the top of the screen are straightforward features such as undo, redo, copy, paste, preview, save, publish and upgrade, amongst others. After about 30 minutes of working with Wix, you pretty much master the entire software.

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Customer Support

Wix provides Support Center which includes a search option and a list of FAQs which is quite detailed and exhaustive. Should you require further assistance, you are prompted to post a question, by which Wix replies via the internal email accessed when you log-in to your WIX account.

All in all, the help features are quite sufficient. The biggest drawback, however, is that Wix doesn't post any telephone number for customer service, though this is pretty much standard practice with these types of website builders.


Wix is an excellent choice for the technically challenged, empowering them to build a beautiful website with minimal computer skills. The hundreds of free templates offered are beautiful and professional looking. In addition, Wix has recently upgraded to HTML5 capabilities, enhancing your website's organic search engine rankings. Another standout feature nearly exclusive to Wix is their apps market, allowing you to effortlessly enhance and upgrade your website's capabilities.

The ability to try Wix for free, before deciding to move to a premium package if you wish, puts you in a win-win situation. We definitely recommend giving Wix a try. Have fun and good luck!





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