Wix User Reviews

With tens of millions of websites built using Wix, there has been a plethora of feedback about their services. This feedback can be extremely useful to potential users that are considering building their websites with Wix, but would like to hear reviews and advice from website owners like themselves rather than just relying on Wix reviews written by experts in the industry. This can help them understand what Wix has to offer and what it's actually like to build and maintain a website created through this platform. For this reason, we've collected user reviews about Wix on this website as well as from other sources around the web. We hope you'll find them useful.


The Wix designs are beautiful

The designs look so nice. I never expected to have so many great ones to choose from.


Wix is a great Value

Compared with the cost of actually hiring a professional web designer, the cost of Wix is joke. They've already done all the heavy lifting, all I had to do was select the colors and design template, and drop and drag a few features until the site looked the way I wanted.


Very Impressed by Wix

I am the least technically savvy person there is and somehow I was able to build a beautiful website for my business. It was easy and really fun.

So easy to use

Wix is so easy to use and helped me build a great site.

Great Tool

I've been so happy with Wix. It literally took me 5 minutes to get my site live and another 30 minutes to make it look super-professional.